Oct 03, 2007

72 Class – A Theme For WordPress

72 Class is a minimalist wordpress theme. 72 Class is widget ready, and compatible with WordPress 2.3 tags. 72 Class is rich in white space and free of clutter. 72 Class is now available for download for WordPress.

Introduction From AlanWho?


Download 72 Class 1.1

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  • Support WordPress Widgets.
  • Tested on WordPress 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.


Creative Commons License

  • 72 Class - A Theme For WordPress by Alan Who? is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

  • This means you are free to to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work entitled "72 Class" for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.
  • You are also free to make derivative works.
  • By downloading and using this theme, you agree to maintain a link back to in the footer (either modified or unmodified) as an act of attribution.


72 Class Preview


1 How do I add wordpress stuff like archives and category links?

72Class is widget ready, which means if your running WordPress 2.2 or newer you can rearrange and add to the sidebar (which is below the content) by using the wordpress widgets options under the presentation tab. Alternatively, if you know your html you can edit the sidebar.php file directly ...

2 Do you have any 2 column or 3 column versions of 72 Class?

72Class is a minimalist theme, and we see no need for 1 sidebar nevermind 2!

3 I use X content management system, is there a version of 72 Class for x CMS?

No. 72Class is an exclusive WordPress theme. But if you wish to port 72Class to your favourite CMS then do what you will as lone as you keep the credits in the footer.

4 Do you have a licensed version that does not require a linkback?

Yes, it's available on request. Please contact the AlanWho team for a licensed version of 72Class.

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  • balam

    how do i change the color of the hyperlinks in this theme?

  • Eileen Kramer

    I found 72 Class in edublogs, and modified with custom css. It is a bit plain but that is good because I’ll probably add decorations and such. if you want to see a modified version of this theme.