Aug 24, 2009

A Slick Tool To Manage Your Ideas

You have ideas don't you?

Well how do you capture those ideas?

Do you write them on toilet paper?

Or perhaps you are super advanced and you record ideas on your computer?

But what happens if you have a gazillion different computers?


That's what happens ... You either lose ideas or you have to go on epic journeys from one computer to another just to find that single idea you had while you were meditating on the toilet singing boy band songs and clicking your fingers ...

If that's the case and like me you have more computers than you have teeth, then there is this super cool application called EverNote I have been using the past few months.

The fact that I have not blogged about it before and am only doing so now is totally criminal.


What actually is evernote?

I am not telling you ...

... Because this video does a better job of explaining it than I ever could do (I am slightly drunk right now):

So why use evernote?

It really is the dogs bollocks.

It is like a control centre for ideas that sync's with as many computers as you choose to clutter up your house with.

Any more reasons?

Yeah lods.

But I got to get back to my flaming sambuca.

Enjoy evernote it's sensational!

Check it out at:

Bye for now!

To better cooler great stuff,

Alan Who?

P.S. Actually I think I am going to have a tequila ... Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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