Aug 27, 2009

Get Alexa and PageRank Data In Your Browser

Today I used something that I believe to be pretty much "priceless" that I have used almost daily for 3 years.

It's a simple addon for the web browser, Firefox.

Firefox is my web browser of choice. And if you are using something else then good for you.

But if you are using Internet Explorer then WHAT'S GOING ON?

Move to Firefox!

Anyway ...

So, this thing I use is called "SearchStatus".

I am telling you about it because it kicks ass!

It sits in the bottom right of firefox, and it shows you the Alexa Ranking and PageRank of the website you are currently viewing.

These numbers tell you crucial things about the site you are viewing ...

And to otherwise access them you would need to go to the Alexa site or some other site to get the PageRank ... this addon shows you the numbers as you browse, which keeps you in the know.

It's great for comparing your site to other people's sites ... monitoring the traffic of other sites ... etc. etc. so on and so forth ...

Check it out at:

Keep it real and keep winning.

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