Aug 28, 2009

How To Be Ahead And Stay Ahead

I have two awesome tools for you to enable you to be on the pulse of what's happening in the world whenever you want ... The first is:

Awesome Tool #1: Digg Spy

What is Digg Spy?

You heard of Digg yes? The social bookmarking site ... Well DiggSpy allows you to see what is being "dugg" in real time. This is "awesome" because you can see in real time what content on the internet is most popular at any one moment in time.

This is far far far superior to newspapers, or crappy TV because this shows you what is happenning now! And what is hot right now.

To be in the know what is happening online check it out at:

Awesome Tool #2: Twistori

What is Twistori?

This 2nd tool allows you to get a real-time insight into what humans are saying right now.

It works with social networking site, Twitter.

And it's very similar to DiggSpy.

It's kind of sort of unexplainable ... The best way to explain it, is not to explain it. So just check it out at:

Keep it real and keep winning.

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