Jan 01, 2010

Why Twitter Sucks

Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. TWITTER.

So many people mumble on and on about twitter including me.

But you know what?

Twitter sucks for 5 big reasons:

Reason 1: It's Polluted By Spammers

Ugh ...

Reason 2: It's goes down frequently ...

Nice graphic, it really is. But we don't need to see it daily and we definitely don't need to see it several times daily either ...

Reason 3: The Auto-Follow Culture

So you follow 146,899 people (most of whom are most likely a combination of dormant accounts and glorious scammers). What are you? A robot?

Reason 4 Boring Tweets Are Common

Too much information ...

Reason 5: It's A Playground For Narcissists

Before twitter, narcissistic rants consisting of "Me. Me. Me." were restricted. But now the world can find out your latest opinion on how hot you look today. Wonderful.

Bonus Reason: IT'S ADDICTIVE

Heroin. Cocaine. Speed. All these substances and every other addictive thing ever created in this world all pale in comparison to twitter. Twitter is the most addictive thing created ever. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes it is. And you know it. And I know it: Twitter is the most addictive thing ever created.

True these 5 reasons are valid reasons why Twitter sucks, but you know what?

There are countless more reasons why Twitter is red hot!

And in the next post I am gonna reveal 8 reasons why twitter is the dogs bollocks.

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I am so glad we had this talk.

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