Oct 28, 2009

How To Find Specific Types Of Twitter Users


I like to use Twitter, but to be honest it isn’t entirely productive.

The way I see it, most people are on twitter because they are goofing off.

But if you stop and look at twitter from a business perspective and look at the opportunities it presents, it’s obvious to me what the single greatest opportunity is.

No it’s not spamming people with lame tweets to affiliate links or automatic direct messages linking to those same affiliate links.

The biggest opportunity is meeting SPECIFIC people.

By specific I mean people in:

… specific geographic locations,
… or people with specific interests or specific occupations,

But there is no simple way on Twitter to find people specifically.

Nonetheless there is an easy solution that not many people know about. It involves using Google’s advanced search functions.

Here is a breakdown of different advanced searches you can do with Google quickly easily and simply by just using copy and paste and filling in the blanks:

How to Find People In A Specific Location:

(link to results:…)* location+edinburgh

Type the above into Google and it will return users who have listed their location as “Edinburgh” (which in case you are wondering is the capital city of yours truly country of residence).

How To Find People With Specific Interests:

(link to results:…)* bio+entrepreneur

Type the above into Google and it will return users who have listed the word “entrepreneur” in their bio section. You could replace this with things like “web designer” if you were looking to hire one, or “virtual assistant” if you were looking to find virtual assistants to work for you while you sleep or if you wanted to find bloggers you could replace entrepreneur with “blogger” above and find bloggers to start conversations with …

I think you will find these two Google Search queries interesting, but they may present you with a problem. The results they produce are very broad. But here is a solution.

How To Find Specific Types Of People In A Specific Location

(link to results:…) intitle:”on twitter” “bio* * copywriter” “location london”

Type the above into google and it should return 4 pages of results (well it does for me) displaying twitter users who have listed their location as London and put the word “copywriter” in their bio. To find people interested in specific things in specific locations just replace “copywriter” and “london” above and paste into Google accordingly.

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