Dec 14, 2010

Increase Performance Of Existing Computer Cheaply?

If you're not overwhelmed with joy at the speed of your computer, perhaps you are considering buy a new one?

Maybe it takes an ice age to boot up and shut down...

Maybe it takes it's time to open any and all applications...

Maybe it's just as fast as a sumo wrestler running a mile.

So why don't you just buy a new one?

Easy tiger. A new computer (in most cases) doesn't come most likely requires you to splash a lot of dosh replacing something already working (just not ideal) with the latest and greatest model.

So what's the alternative?

Here's one:

Solid State Drive Cheap Alternative

Replace your existing hard drive with a fancy new SSD (Solid State Drive) pronto.


SSD drives are hot. They are more durable. They are more reliable. And they are faster.

It's all down to how they are made. Conventional hard drives fitted in most computers, require moving parts. But SSD drives don't.

As a result they require less energy and are less likely to fail on you or get dramatic if you decide to drop it.

Here's a slick video from RAM memory manufacturer Kingston:

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