Sep 10, 2009

How To Overcome Writers Block

I am writing to you right now about something that completely sucks!

It's called Writers block. It's defined as:

"When a writer loses their ability to produce new work."

It sucks because when you have something to write like:

  1. content for the internet,
  2. a book,
  3. or a script
  4. or a whatever

... You can't get done what you want to get done - you have writers block!

How does writer's block affect you?

Personally, it comes and goes for me.

Sometimes I have writers block, other days - most days in fact - I don't.

But when I do have writers block it I try my best to eliminate it.

Below I have included 2 techniques.

The first, can work well but well but not always ...

The second, you are going to swoon over! It's totally kickass!

Overcome Writers Block Technique 1:
The Washing Dishes Technique (kind of works)

The Washing Dishes Technique: You shut down your laptop or drop your pen/pencil, and go wash your dishes.

Just taking my mind away from my computer to somewhere else can work.

It's not always effective though.

But, recently I have been trying out a new technique because sometimes this technique simply just does not work for me.

I call it the "Me Chat Technique". Here's what this is all about:

Overcome Writers Block Technique 2:
The "Me Chat" Technique (utterly KICKASS!)

"Me Chat" Technique Next time you have writers block, chat to yourself using one of the many free instant messaging services available online.

Have two accounts, perhaps two on GoogleTalk or two on Yahoo Chat or two on AIM ... whatever you want.

Then have a conversation with yourself as if you are talking to someone else.

Ask yourself questions. Questions like:

  1. "So, what?",
  2. "Who cares?",
  3. "How can I believe you?"

... and answer these questions and use your answers to finish your work.

This really works for me. My theory is that it works because there is no such thing as "conversation block", well at least not for me and most people I know of. So by having a conversation you get the words you want out of you out there, but by doing it in an instant messaging program the words are all there for you to copy and paste into what you are working on.

Right now I could end this whole production with "If this is a problem you have..."

But I think we both no that EVERYONE get's writer's block unless they're illiterate.

And you are not illiterate because you have read my entire post.

Therefore I KNOW you get writers block. So.

SO: Please let me know how the "Me Chat" technique works for you by simply NOT being a stranger and dropping your comment below pronto.

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