Aug 31, 2009

Get Monster Productivity When you Want

Monster productivity. Let's talk all about it.

When you have work to do and you have a deadline, do you tend to work faster and better as that deadline approaches?

If you don't then this blog post will be totally useless for you.

But if like me you tend to work faster and better as deadlines approach then I got some "magic sauce" for you.

A couple of years ago I read a book. In this book I read a tip about productivity. It involved a kitchen timer.

The tip was this:

  1. Get a kitchen timer.
  2. Set it to 30 minutes.
  3. Then work for 30 minutes on one single task till the timer stops.

Well that was 2 years ago and it's now 2009, and I have used a kitchen timer every single day I have worked since.

In fact I have a gargantuan kitchen timer I bought off Amazon sitting next to my monitor right now counting down the seconds till I must finish this email!

Why am I sharing this with you, because if like me you notice you are more productive as deadlines approach, you can go get a kitchen timer and create as many deadlines as you want to achieve monster productivity when you want and where you want.

Try it out. Grab a timer. Set it to an interval ... 10 minutes ... 30 minutes ... and work for that amount of time with no monkey business. No pointless web surfing. No TV. No distractions.

Who knows you may like me end up with a huge timer next to your monitor ... And be able to achieve monstrous levels or productivity.

Keep it real and keep winning.

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