Nov 02, 2010

3 Secrets To Productivity

Productivity = Structure

Being Productive = Being Happy

Getting things done = Pressure

Details coming soon...

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  • Barbara Brown

    There really are some instances that we can experience productivity but are not happy with what we have. For instance, at work, you are assigned to do something which you don’t want but you have to do it and produce positive results because your boss tells you so.

    Barbara Brown

  • Lucas Patel

    Here is another equation: G + P + A = Results

    Goal + Plan + Action = RESULTS! You will really get results if you do all three! It can’t be only one or two. It must be three of them!

    Lucas Patel

  • John

    Wow! thanks for the tips, the secrets to productivity! Although, I know I need to work more and improve on my patience and perseverance. Anyway, thanks again!

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  • Ellwood

    I agree with this! These really are the ways to productivity and, of course, don’t forget focus and perseverance!

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  • Tyrone

    If you’re happy with what you are doing, there would be less pressure and more productivity and that means lucrative income!

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