May 29, 2007

Photoshop Artistic Filters

Photoshop has 15 artistic filters than be applied to image. The effects of each of the 15 Photoshop artistic filters is shown below. The left hand side of the images shows the effect of the particular filter while the right side shows the source image.

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1 Colored Pencil

The colored pencil filter makes an image look as if it were drawn with colored pencils. Image edges are given a crosshatch appearance and the background color shows through the indivudual pencil strokes.

  • Pencil Width: Changes the thickness of the pencil strokes.
  • Stroke Pressure: Changes the intensity of the pencil strokes.
  • Paper Brightness: Modifies the brightness of the paper underneath.

2 Cutout

The Cutout filer makes an image look as if it were made from cut-out pieces of paper.

  • Number of Levels : Determines the number of layers of colored paper. The smaller the numbers the simpler the final image.
  • Edge Simplicity : Simplifies image edges. The larger the values the simpler the images.
  • Edge Fidelity : Sets the image edge precision. The larger the values the more detailed the edges.

3 Dry Brush

The Dry Brush filter paints the edges with a dry brush effect.

  • Brush Size : The smaller the brush size, the more detailed the final image.
  • Brush Detail : The higher the Brush Detail value, the more detailed the final image.
  • Texture: The higher the value, the rougher the texture of the final image.

4 Film Grain

The Film Grain filter adds noise or small dots to an image.

  • Grain: Sets the size of the noise. Larger values display more dots.
  • Highlight Area : The higher the value, the more highlights there will be in the image.
  • Intensity: A smaller number adds dots to the entire image. Larger values add dots only to darker parts of the image.

5 Fresco

The Fresco filter imitates the fresco painting style from the Renaissance period. It does this by painting an image with short dabs, creating a darker image than the original.

  • Brush Size: Sets the size of the brush. The smaller the size, the more detailed the image.
  • Brush Detail: Higher Brush Detail values create images that are more detailed.
  • Texture: Higher texture values create rougher textures in the image.

6 Neon Glow

The Neon Glow filter adds glow effets to an image. The filter uses the foreground color from the Toolbox as well as the color in the Neon Glow dialog box. To apply this filter to a text layer, you need to choose "Layer > Rasterize" before applying the filter.

  • Glow Size : A large Glow Size value colors the highlights with the glow color and the shadows with the foreground color. Small values work in the opposite way.
  • Glow Brightness : When this is set to 0, the image is filled with the foreground color. Larger values create highlights using the glow color.
  • Glow Color : Sets the highlight color for the image.

7 Paint Daubs

The Paint Daubs filter creates an oil painting effect.

  • Brush Size: Smaller brushes create more detail in the image.
  • Sharpness: Increasing the Sharpness creates more defined edges.
  • Brush Type: Choose from Simple, Light, Rough, Dark Rough, Wide Sharpm Wide Blurry and Sparkle brushes.

8 Palette Knife

The Palette Knife filter creates the effect of a palette knife being used on the image.

  • Stroke Size: The higher the value, the more colors bunch together in the image.
  • Stroke Detail: The higher the value, the more detailed the resulting image.
  • Softness: Alters the degree of smearing in the image.

9 Plastic Wrap

The Plastic Wrap filter creates the appearance that the image has been wrapped in transparent plastic.

  • Highlight Strength: Determines the shine of the plastic.
  • Detail: Changes the detail of the texture created by plastic.
  • Smoothness: Sets the smoothness of the plastic wrap.

10 Poster Edges

The Poster Edges filter reduces the colors in the image and creates dark images.

  • Edge Thickness : Determines thickness of the dark edges.
  • Edge Intensity: Changes the number of dark edges.
  • Posterization: A low value creates a high contrast image, while a high value creates an image with more tones.

11 Rough Pastels

The Rough Pastels filter gives the image the appearance of coloured pastel chalks on a textured background.

  • Stroke Length : Higher values create more obvious chalk strokes.
  • Stroke Detail : Higher values increase the contrast and color in an image.
  • Texture: Choose from Brick, Burlap, Canvas, and Sandstone Textures. The Load Texture feature aloows you to load a saves *.psd file containing a texture.
  • Scaling: Changes the size of the texture.
  • Relief: Larger values create more depth in the texture, making it seem more embossed.
  • Light: Set the direction of the light.
  • Invert: Inverts the texture.

12 Smudge Stick

The Smudge Stick filter creates the appearance that the image was smeared before the paint dried.

  • Stroke Length: Higher values increase the amount of smudging in the image.
  • Highlight Area: Changes the amount of highlights in the image.
  • Intensity: Higher values brighten the image and remove details from the highlights.

13 Sponge

The Sponge filter makes the image look as if it was sponged.

  • Brush Size: Sets the size of the sponge.
  • Definition: Sets the contrast.
  • Smoothness: Larger values increase the sponging effect.

14 Underpainting

The Underpainting filter makes the image appear to have been painted on a textured background, giving it a softer focus.

  • Brush Size: The smaller the brush size, the more detailed the image.
  • Texture Coverage: Smaller values apply the texture to darker parts of the image. Larger valyes apply the texture to the whole image.
  • Texture: Choose from Brick, Burlap, Canvas and Sanstone. The Load Texture feature allows you to load a saved *.psd file containing a texture.

14 Watercolor

The Watercolor filter creates a watercolor painting effect.

  • Brush Detail: Higher values create a more detailed and smoother image.
  • Show Intensity: Darkens the image.
  • Texture: Higher values create less smooth images.

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  • John Ellwood

    Thank you for these artistic fillers although I still have to find my way through Photoshop. It might be difficult for writers like me to be comfortable with Photoshop but I’m trying my best to learn since I’m also now learning photography, too! Thank you!

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  • Matthew

    Doing things like these on the computer is really awesome! Sometimes, the results are most amazing than being done by hand!

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  • Amy

    Hey! These are awesome artistic filters! I would love to try them all!

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