Sep 15, 2009

How To Make Ordinary Pictures Extraordinary In 60 Seconds

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Like a gazillion people I use photoshop to manipulate digital images.

In fact I use photoshop nearly every single day.

And you can do seriously cool stuff with photoshop. You could even use photoshop to create an image just like the one you see above with a screenshot of this website plastered onto a billboard …

Anyway, I am sure you already know about photoshop and the chances are you use it frequently, just like yours truly, to work with digital images.

But sometimes you just want to take a particular image and get a specific effect quickly. By “quickly” I mean within a few minutes not an hour or more fiddling with complex settings in Photoshop.

While you could use photoshop to create the effect in the picture above, I did not. I used something much much quicker.

Now there is a new website where you can create funny photo effects using pictures you upload that creates effects within 60 seconds.

It’s free and it has my approval.

Check this out. Here’s an example using a picture of me I took at the weekend:

Pretty cool right?

This would take you 5 minutes at least in photoshop, but it took me less than 15 seconds.

Here are 3 more examples that took me pretty much no time at all:

Just click this link to start creating similar effects pronto: funny photo effects.

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