Apr 16, 2007

Grunge Text Effect Video Tutorial

Create a grunge text effect in photoshop like the one above, extremely quickly - watch the video below and read the 5 quick steps of instruction.

1 Create A New Canvas

  1. Create a new canvas that is 500px x 500px.
  2. Create a black background layer.

2 Create The Text

  1. Use the Type Tool to create some text.
  2. I used the font "Verdana" at "100pt".

3 Rasterize The Type Layer and Select

  1. Rasterize the Text Layer by going to Layer > Rasterize > Type.
  2. Select the rasterized text layer by clicking on the layer in the layers palette while holding the ctrl button on your keyboard.

4 Apply Brush Strokes

  1. Select brush number 27 at a 27px diameter.
  2. Splatter some brush strokes on the text in a random pattern.

5 Apply The Craquelure, Grain and Sharpen Filters

  1. Apply the Craquelure filter using the settings above.
  2. Apply the Grain filter using the settings above.
  3. Apply the Sharpen filter, from the Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen filter menu.

Observe the finished Grunge text.

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