May 27, 2007

Burning Neon Text Effect

Create a cool burning neon text effect in Photoshop in 9 simple and quick steps ...

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1 Create A New Canvas

  1. Create a new canvas with a black background layer at 500px x 500px.

2 Create Type Mask Text

  1. Using the Horizontal Type Mask Tool create your desired text.

3 Fill The Text With White

  1. Use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the text with white.

4 Smudge The Text

  1. Select the Smudge Tool.
  2. Choose a medium thick brush with a size of around 35px.
  3. Achieve a the smudged look by applying upward brush strokes on the text.

5 Colourize

  1. Apply a Colour Balance adjustment layer.
  2. In the three colour level input boxes at the top of the dialog box enter the following:
    • "90"(red), "0"(green), "-90"(blue) for the Shadows tone balance
    • "90"(red), "0"(green), "-90"(blue) for the Midtones tone balance
    • "90"(red), "0"(green), "-25"(blue) for the Highlights tone balance.

6 Add Blur

  1. Select "Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur" enter a value of 2px.

7 Create The Neon Text Effect

  1. Duplicate the background layer.
  2. Apply an Exclusion layer blending mode to the duplicate layer.

8 Create Another Text Layer

  1. Select the Horizontal Type Tool.
  2. Create text that is identical in content and style to the type mask layer applied in step 2.
  3. Position the text in accordance with the original text layer.

9 Add Text Glow

  1. In layer blending options select Outer Glow and add the gradient to the Outer Glow of your choice.

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