May 12, 2007

10 Secret Photoshop Interface Tips

10 Photoshop hidden techniques, tips and shortcuts to help make creating graphics in Photoshop easier and quicker.

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1 Hide The Palettes

Press SHIFT + TAB to hide the palettes.

2 Hide The Palettes and The Toolbar

Press TAB to hide the palettes and the toolbar.

3 Snap Palettes To The Nearest Screen Edge

Press Shift then Click on the palette title bars, to snap the palettes to the nearest screen edge.

4 Launch An Open Dialog Box Quickly

DOUBLE CLICK anywhere on Photoshop's background to quickly launch the Open File dialog box.

5 Change The Canvas Background Colour

Select the Paint tool and press Shift then Click to fill the canvas background with a specific colour.

6 Quickly Switch Between Different Screen Views

Press F to cycle through different full screen views.

7 Change The Colour Spectrum

Press Shift then Click on the colour ramp to change the colour spectrum.

8 Keep The Zoom Field Active

Press Shift + Enter after entering zoom values to keep the zoom field active.

9 Reveal The Full Document Path

Pause your Mouse Cursor over an image window's titlebar to reveal the full path of the current document.

10 Quickly Access Image Options

Right Click on an image window's titlebar to access features such as Canvas Size, Image Size and Duplicate.

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