Aug 27, 2008

Apple Mac Keyboard Icons

Ages ago I released some keyboard icons for a standard PC keyboard layout in ICO, PNG and also in vector form. So today I though "hmmm what about all those cool cats on the mac? ... Maybe they could do with keyboard icons for their projects? Maybe I should go have them created?"

From that moment on I knew keyboard icons for a standard Mac keyboard layout must be created. So I met with my imaginary team and had them created pronto. You can download the results in .ICO and .PNG format. Vector versions are available on request by contacting me.

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Oct 05, 2007

Undiscovered MySpace Musicians That Rock The Internet

Most of the artists on MySpace suck. MySpace is full of mediocre charlatan's posing as musicians looking to push onto you their latest and most pathetic "mix tape". But, in amongst all of this mediocrity are some real hidden gems. These hidden gems are actually better than most of the artists in the mainstream right now, because they are real artists, producing real music, expressing real emotions and real passions about real life. Over the last few months, I have discovered only a few of these gems, and so I present 10 of those undiscovered greats of internet music. Starting with one young man who is most definetely going to rock the world, From A Whim.

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Oct 02, 2007

Unusual WordPress Themes That Impress

The internet is full of random lists from random people which are usually more boring than the people who write them. One common topic for lists is wordpress themes. I am so disenchanted with this trend that I've decided I'm going to have a go, and make my own list of wordpress themes. Except, I'm not going to bore you with my favourite wordpress themes that you've probably seen a trillion and 45 times before (yawn), I'm going to showcase 10 and just 10 wordpress themes that are weird, different and well, unusual. Brace yourself compadre, 'cause here comes my list of unusual wordpress themes that impress.

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Sep 03, 2007

13.4 Gigapixel Camera Demonstration Video

The following video is a fake demonstration of a 13.4 gigapixel (yes, gigapixel not megapixel) image taken of Harlem, New York. They guy who created it clearly used as his source. It made the front page of which means he has earned at least $400 for about 1 hours work. I wish there was a camera capable of such magic, but until the very distant future all I can do is imagine. Read the rest of this page »