Aug 21, 2009

How To Speed Up Flash Video

Fancy watching web video at double the speed in half the time?

I have been using a program called MySpeed for some time (I was one of the first Beta testers which I am stating because it makes me sound important which I am but even more importanterish maybe).

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Jun 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Dead But His Music Will Live Forever

Earlier this evening, at around 3:00pm pacific time it was confirmed Michael Jackson is dead. He died followed a cardiac arrest.

If you are still asking "Is Michael Jackson alive?" becayse the conventional media like CNN, Skynews and the BBC are reporting that Michael Jackson is in hospital well it has been confirmed through the web 2.0 site twitter and specifically Global Associated News that:

Michael Jackson is indeed dead.

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Jun 24, 2009

How To Be Your Friends Best Friend Ever

Facebook helps you keep in contact with your friends.

FlickR helps you share your pictures with freinds and the world.

Skype helps you talk to your friends, family and business contacts for free anywhere in the world.

FlickR, Facebook and Skype are just 3 examples of a Web2.0 application.

These such applications change lives.

It's possible you use all 3 of the above Web 2.0 applications.

But then again maybe you don't.

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Mar 12, 2009

Why The New iPod Shuffle Sucks

P.S. Two bonus reasons why the new iPod shuffle is very gay and totally sucks:

  1. You need to use Apple's crappy earphones. With the 2nd generation iPod shuffle you can use whatever headphones you want.
  2. The battery life of a 2nd generation iPod shuffle is greater than these new crappy iPod shuffles.

P.P.S. What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment below. Come on I know you are here. I can see you. Let me know what you think. Has the Apple Inc. Apple gone sour?

Mar 08, 2009

Cool Alternatives To Google Analytics

The most popular website statistics application used by website owners is Google Analytics.

But as all cool people know just because something is popular does not mean it's the best. And the same applies with website metrics.

Included in this post are 3 cool alternatives to Google Analytics. The first (Woopra), runs on your computer, the second (Mint) runs on your web server and the third is a service that runs in your web browser (pMetrics). Let's get started with the best, Woopra:

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Mar 07, 2009

How To Disable Related Videos On Embedded YouTube Player

When you take the code youtube gives you to embed video on your webpage or website, at the end of the video related videos will be shown. This means it's more likely people will leave your website. To disable related videos on embedded youtube videos you just need to make two changes to the embed code:

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Mar 07, 2009

How To Make YouTube Videos Autostart

By default when you embed a youtube video on a web page using the YouTube embed code the user has to press the play button. For all situations where you want the video to autoplay you need to make two changes to the object embed code that you get from YouTube. Look for the location of your video in the object embed code, it should be like:

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