Jun 04, 2007

5 Google Adsense Secrets To Increase CTR

Success with Google Adsense can be summarized by having the right sort of website, with the right level of constant traffic, the right content, and the right ads placed in the right places. By applying the following tips to any site with Google Adsense you will be able to learn where the right place is for adsense ad units.

  1. Blend Adsense In With Your Website Design

    Match your website colours with the adsense colours. If your background is white, make the adense ad have a white background and border.

    Example 1: Blend Adsense With Content.

  2. Float Ad Units Beside Content And Above Content

    Float square ad units to the right of the first paragraph of content text. Place wide adsense ad's above content text.This keeps ad units in the hot areas, above the fold.

    Example 2: Float Ad Units Beside Content.

  3. Standardize The Link Colour

    Change the link colour to blue. This works well because people generally associate blue text on a white background to be a link going somewhere. If blue does not fit in with your design try testing green for the link colour. The colour green represents safety and an action to go somewhere (think traffic lights) - best tested with dark website designs.

    Example 3: Standardize Link Color.

  4. Blend In The Link URL Text

    Set the link URL colour to be the same as the ad text. The result of this is that the link URL merges into the design of your website and the link text stands out.

    Example 4: Blend in the Link URL.

  5. Use Ad Units!

    Don't discount ad units. Many people do discount them, thus failing to realize that they are potentially the most profitable format if put in the right place.

    Link unit placement should be determined by the location of your main navigation. If your main navigation element is horizontal, then place a wide text link unit beneath your main horizontal navigation links.

    Example 5B: 728 x 15 Adsense link unit beneath main navigation.

    Conversely, if your main navigation is placed in a vertical list in a sidebar, display a vertical link unit above the navigation sidebar links.

    Example 5B: 180 x 90 Adsense link unit beneath sidebar navigation.

And 5 bonus tips to increase adsense revenue!

  1. Decrease Outgoing Links

    Consider decreasing the amount of outgoing links on your page. If you have too many links then consider decreasing them. This is a bit of an obvious one, but most people overlook this!

  2. Create A Good Site Not An Outstandng One!

    Be careful not to make your site to fantastic! Even if you have a high ranking website with constant traffic, displaying relevant Google adsense you may still get a low CTR. This could be because your site provides so much value to your customers that they just don't want to leave. It solves every problem they came for and leaves them with no desire to find out more about a specific topic or subject.

  3. Keep Ads Above The Fold

    Keep adsense ads above the fold of your website.

  4. Perform Some Spring Cleaning

    Remove clutter from your website.

  5. Get More Traffic!

    As you can see I decided to save the most obvious to last!

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