Apr 29, 2013

How To Listen To Articles On iPhone iPad iPad mini and iPod Touch At 2X Speed And Higher

Reading on an iOS device is an enjoyable experience.

And with "VoiceOver" - an accessibility feature you can have your iOS devise whether iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch read out loud words in an article.

As is explained by this lady in this video:

You can even adjust the speaking rate for those who like to listen at 2X speed or greater.

But the big drawback with voiceover is you can't lock the screen.

That sucks more than rotten apples.

If you want to listen to a long selection of text with the screen locked to save battery well you can't.

Because when you lock the screen VoiceOver stops.

A superior option is to use the app SpeakIt.

It does cost a little bit of moulah but it's worth it.

Thanks to SpeakIt after you copy and paste text from a browser or from a book in an app like iBooks or Kindle then press play locking the device doesn't stop playback.

Consequently you can do whatever. Your iOS devise can go into your pocket. As you maximize your time by listening to an article or book instead of being tied to reading it.

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