Oct 02, 2007

Unusual WordPress Themes That Impress

The internet is full of random lists from random people which are usually more boring than the people who write them. One common topic for lists is wordpress themes. I am so disenchanted with this trend that I've decided I'm going to have a go, and make my own list of wordpress themes. Except, I'm not going to bore you with my favourite wordpress themes that you've probably seen a trillion and 45 times before (yawn), I'm going to showcase 10 and just 10 wordpress themes that are weird, different and well, unusual. Brace yourself compadre, 'cause here comes my list of unusual wordpress themes that impress.

1 FFF WordPress

FFF WordPress

It's the subtle touches that rightfully place FFF WordPress at the top of this list. You can go check out those subtleties for yourself - FFF WordPress.


2 JS Box

JS Box

JS Box is based on K2 which is a very feature rich theme yet boring looking theme. But, JS Box fixes the "boring" look of K2 and adds some really cool features. Just check it out, it's very cool. Capiche?


3 Organique


The key words that sum up Organique are simplicity, beauty and happy.


4 Particles


Alright, alright yes I know Particles isn't that sexy, but still it's not that ugly either - it' meant to be that way I think it's called minimalism? What makes it impressive is the way content is displayed on the home page. Unusual indeed.


5 Deep Red


It's colourful. It's bold. It's intriguing. It's Deep Red.


6 TimeManager


While TimeManager is indeed unusual a better word to summarize is, bizarre.


7 Revolution


Revolution is so good (allegedly) that it costs money!


8 Blue Zinfandel

Blue Zinfandel

Get your fix of more minimalism with Blue Zinfandel.


9 Bloxpress


Bloxpress is full of so much AJAX that you and your visitors can drag and drop content from your screen into space and beyond. May the force be with you.


10 Skittlish


Skittlish is just, nice. The way you can switch colour schemes is nice. The sidebar is nice. The header is nice. The content is nice. It's just really lovely and nice.


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