Jul 23, 2007

How To Get 364,382 MySpace Friends

Image: Ruby Skye


Krystal Blue is a recording artist. Krystal Blue has 364,382 friends on her MySpace profile!

364,382 friends! 364,382 friends! 364,382 friends!

I wanted to discover why Krystal Blue has 364,382 MySpace friends. Then, create an action plan for my MySpace profiles, to achieve 364,382 friends and more. So, I decided, to investigate ...

Krystal Blue

Initial Observations

  • Krystal Blue updates her blog very frequently.

  • Krystal Blue has chosen to modify the original MySpace layout design and has not deployed a div overlay.

I Like ...

  • Krystal Blue is very distinctive and well, attractive. I think this helps things. What do you think?

  • Krystal Blue's pics show off an attractive girl with a very, expressive personality. While attractive girls, would appeal to male's, the fact that her pictures show both beauty and personality, this must surely help her relate to both gender's.

  • The "Picture Of The Month" is a good idea. This provides content that is updated at a pre-specified interval - every month - which provides viewers with a reason to come back, next month: For a new sexy picture!

  • It's not only the "Picture Of The Month" section that provides viewers with a reason to return, in Krystal Blue's "Top News" section, she writes "I just got back from San Jose today and I had a blast there! I'll post pictures from my trip in my blog soon! Stick around!" - the user is now thinking, "Cool, I look forward to seeing those sexy pictures!".

  • Krystal Blue's media section is a nice idea, that help's to establish credibility in her artistic credentials. Media sections are not common on MySpace profiles, therefore it's existence on Krystal Blue's MySpace profile is very unique and informative.

I don't like ...

  • The usual MySpace comments list has been disabled. While disabling the comments list, enables profile's to appear neater by requiring less scrolling, I really don't think there is any clear advantage disabling them. I believe people like to see their comment and, the comments of others on MySpace profiles. The main reason a lot of pages disable them, is to satisfy the warped views of graphic designers posing as web designers. You know, most web users actually like to scroll pages (vertically), as long as they are reading content that provides them with value, and they are provided with lots of outgoing links (honestly, this is true!) ...

  • The widths of the MySpace module table cells, aren't equal. This makes things, unneccessarily messy.

  • The rounded corners on the MySpace module table cells could be better.

  • Krystal Blue's biography, while very well written, is too long and detailed. A few short, paragraphs would be better.

Krystal Blue Final Thought


From what I have observed on Krystal Blue's MySpace profile, there are 4 primary reasons why Krystal Blue has amassed, 364,382 MySpace friends. Firstly, she is a very attractive girl, with a unique look with a big and likeable personality. Secondly, she updates her profile regularly with content that her user's want. Thirdly, Krystal Blue's MySpace profile is original! Lastly, Krystal Blue's MySpace profile is a success because Krystal Blue continually provides user's with reasons to come back to her profile again in the near future.

Get 364,382 MySpace friends Action Plan

1 Get pictures taken of yourself that show off your positively infectious personality and unique looks.

2 Update your profile often.

3 Ensure your MySpace profile is unique.

4 Give your MySpace profile viewers good reasons to come back next time.

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