May 05, 2007

Bands That Could Blow Up Your Speakers

Let's blow up your speakers. Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna check out each of the bands you know their pictures a video some links and stuff ... We're gonna listen to their music at full volume; full bass and maximum treble - listen pal your speakers are gonna blow up! Strap yourself in, and get ready ...

1 Behemoth


Behemoth - "Demigod"

Behemoth Links

Behemoth at Wikipedia
Behemoth at Last.FM
Behemoth Myspace Profile
Behemoth Purevolume Profile

2 Ektomorf


Extomorf - "Set Me Free"

Ektomorf Links

Ektomorf at Wikipedia
Ektomorf at Last.FM
Ektomorf Myspace Profile
Ektomorf Purevolume Profile

3 Demonoid


Demonoid - "End of Our Times"

Demonoid Links

Demonoid at Wikipedia
Demonoid at Last.FM
Demonoid Myspace Profile

4 Immortal


Immortal - "Antartica"

Immortal Links

Immortal at Wikipedia
Immortal at Last.FM
Immortal Myspace Profile
Immortal Purevolume Profile

Wow. I'm gonna share 8 more bands that could blow up your speakers. I'll reveal all in forthcoming posts - fix up and look sharp soldier.

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