Mar 13, 2007

6 Featured MySpace Videos

Why is it that some MySpace videos get a few hundred thousand views and others only a few hundred?

This is something I am very interested in. So I decided to analyze the top 6 features MySpace videos at today (13th March 2006) and evaluate what I liked and didn’t like and what my general observations are.

1 Milk-Proof? Poncho Gear Test (featured video)

Milk-Proof? Poncho Gear Test (featured video)


  • Backpacking, camping, gear, hiking, milk, poncho, proof, rain, test


  • Comedy and Humor, Instructional, Science and Technology, Improv, Sketch Comedy, Prop Comic


  • Its almost conventional now for Internet videos to use Trigger Happy style moving text graphics, and they are used in this video.

  • Some very negative comments.


  • By starting with a list e.g. "2 Ugly Waterproof Boots" and proceeding, tension is built and the audience wants to the resolution to this recipe.

  • Appropriate background music.

  • The graphics add a fourth person perspective to the video. We see the subject wearing a Poncho, then a graphic overlay displays "how not to wear a poncho".


  • Very poor camera work.

  • Graphics placed on top of video are often solid red and look very amateur, little or no attention placed towards to fontography.

  • Graphics have a wipe transition this is annoying, only a simply transparency fade should be used.

2 Sandwich Pals (featured video)


  • adam, comedy, humor, pals, ray, sandich, sketch


  • Comedy and Humor, Improv, Sketch Comedy


  • The video uses certain elements to take the Michael such as clapping and motion of graphics in a very cheesy way.

  • Very good comedic performance.

  • It really is much ado about nothing!


  • The combination of crisp graphics, comedic action, appropriate background music and clear sound voice over makes for an exciting introduction.

  • Music works. Very cheesy!

  • The editing is well done as it moves the narrative along at a good pace.

  • Good camera work where we see a mobile phone on focus then the character in the background in focus.

  • By leaving the audience without a conclusion and requesting they tune in next time, it increases the chance that people will come back.

  • Good logo at the end.


  • While generally the quality of shots is quite good the camera work is a bit dodgy in part and they obviously did not use a Tripod and I doubt they were attempting avante garde film making.

3 Over the Hiccups (featured video)


  • blondes, comedy, date, girlfriend, jokes, ragtag, sex, webseries


  • Comedy


  • "We Need Girlfriends" - what a fantastic title for a series of comedy programmes on the Internet.

  • The production is very polished, the whole thing is like a industry standard situation comedy.

  • The editing throughout is good. Strikes a balance and every cut is justifable.

  • The girl the main character has big breasts.

  • The film was just great. I really enjoyed it. Well directed. Well edited. Good performances and I liked the story. Fantastic work!


  • Looks like a film.

  • The delivery and time of the above line is helped to work by the good choice of editing.

  • They leave the audience on a knife-edge at the end. Fantastic! Now the audience have a reason to tune in next time.


  • Title sequence is too long. This is the Internet not TV.

  • Nothing really original here. I have seent his sort of awkward romantic comedy malarkey on years of TV.

  • The girl who goes out with the main character on a date is poor and lets the whole thing down.

4Living The Dream (featured video)


  • comedy, digital, film, funny, Hollywood, mockumentary, movie, short


  • Comedy and Humor, Entertainment, Video Blogging


  • Good graphic on the first frame of the video. Very appropriate for the Internet.

  • The myspace URI fade in over the widescreen black bars at the bottom of the video.

  • Fantastic concept for an Internet Film – this is what I want to see, people Taking The Michael!


  • The running theme of the boom mic operator sticking his mic in the frame almost becomes sequential. But by the smashing the desktop light it breaks this sequence and the result is comedic effect.

  • "I saw an ad for boom operator and it said free snacks and lunch and thats all I needed to hear brother."

  • "I had an acting coach tell me one time, that its not the size of the role that matters, but its the amount of lines and I got like 20 lines in this movie, so, I am pretty happy!"

  • By layering audio from scene B over scene A in the mix 1 second before the cut to B it moves the narrative along smoothly.

  • The main character remains talking into the titles at the end. This is well done.


  • There are weaknesses to anything but I have found no obvious weaknesses with this video. It is very very good.

5 Ghostride the Volvo (featured video)


  • asia, fab, ghostride, huge, in, mistah, volvo


  • Automotive, Comedy and Humor, Sports


  • These guys look hard. I think its good to look hard. They look funny. The sort of guys you would love to call your friends.

  • I have no idea what the story is actually about. But I can understand that they are annoyed and that they are on the verge of action. This means tesnion is built and I want to continue watching. Sometimes its good to watch films that one cannot fully understand as one then has a desire to watch them even closer than normal.


  • Fantastic combination of styles. The music video is fused nicely with the mockumentary!

  • It seems the ending is cut while still during the climax of the film and text displays "the end". The music abruptly stops and this means that the audience is given a jolt and they want more.

  • Classic documentary structure. The Problem, background to the problem, the current situation and a conclusion! This was great!

  • The music when they are Ghostriding is perfectly timed. Just magnificient.


  • Slightly dodgy performance in places, with smiles in the wrong places.

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