Aug 05, 2007

10 Splendid Virb Profiles

While most suckers seem content with the grotesque looks of MySpace, a growing number of cool cats, are getting their social network kicks in style, on Unlike MySpace, Virb makes it really easy for their user's to make their profiles, beautiful. Thus, Virb has become a showcase for the web's best web designers and most talented photographer's to show off. While I personally work on a splendid Virb layout that makes me look extremely cool, I want to share the 10 most splendrous layouts that I have seen thus far ...

1 Digital Mash

Digital Mash


2 Hydra



3 Svenigson



4 Benjamin Kruse

Benjamin Kruse


5 George Huff

George Huff


6 Keith Gibbs

Keith Gibbs


7 Reality Photography

Reality Photography


8 Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart


9 Unvirb



10 Its Matt Adams

Its Matt Adams


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