Dec 14, 2010

What people really mean when they say they are “FINE”

when someone says they are fine what it really means

If when you ask someone:

How are you?

and they respond with "great!", or "fantastic!" or perhaps even "pretty good" - they probably are "great", "fantastic!" "or "pretty good", but...

If, and when, they respond with:


...then it might be beneficial to get clear what fine really stands for. F.I.N.E. stands for:

Freaked out!




Glad we has this talk.

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  • Wayne Jordan

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  • Kenneth Morin

    If you ask me, when they say “fine”, they mean they’re not that awesome and they are just trying to make things better for them. Kenneth Morin

  • Andrew

    A person who answers “Fine” when you ask him “How are you?” means he’s got a lot of things in his mind!

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  • Kenneth

    There is this book that tells about what people answer when they were asked: “How are you?” and “Fine” is not one of them. If somebody asks you this, you have to answer positively like “Great!” or “Amazing!” but never “Fine…”

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  • Xander

    True! The word “fine” is actually more like negative than positive. Sometimes, a person is trying to tell you that he has problems and you just have to read between the lines!

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