Mar 12, 2009

Why The New iPod Shuffle Sucks

P.S. Two bonus reasons why the new iPod shuffle is very gay and totally sucks:

  1. You need to use Apple's crappy earphones. With the 2nd generation iPod shuffle you can use whatever headphones you want.
  2. The battery life of a 2nd generation iPod shuffle is greater than these new crappy iPod shuffles.

P.P.S. What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment below. Come on I know you are here. I can see you. Let me know what you think. Has the Apple Inc. Apple gone sour?

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  • Joe

    gay? i’m gay. so how do i compare to your rant about how shitty the new ipod shuffle is? am i a piece of shit? dude, choose your words better as you sound off from your parents basement on a futon.