Mar 07, 2009

How To Disable Related Videos On Embedded YouTube Player

When you take the code youtube gives you to embed video on your webpage or website, at the end of the video related videos will be shown. This means it's more likely people will leave your website. To disable related videos on embedded youtube videos you just need to make two changes to the embed code:

In your embed code there will be two references to your video URL, like this:

Append the following at the end of this link:


So working with the above example the link to our video in our object embed code would become:

When you make the above changes to the embed code and view your video, no related videos will be shown.

Easy peazy.

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  • Dynamik Graphics

    This is NOT how Google explains it. Can’t they explain ANYTHING clearly?!

  • Tyrone Mackenzie

    Yes, I do agree with Dynamik graphics! This is not how Google explained it! Anyway, I’m thankful you got this out! Tyrone Mackenzie

  • Barbara

    Thanks for sharing the appendage to disable any related videos! They’re really annoying! I only want to watch what I want to watch and related videos are not on my menu!

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