Feb 16, 2009

How To Be Cool

Here are 20 things you need to know about how to be cool always:

20 Things You Need To Know About Being Cool

  1. You're already cool. Whatever anyone else says is invalid. You observe what they say but you don't listen. You realize that you can't make everyone happy.
  2. You never argue. When you're cool, arguing is always cancelled. You realize winning an argument is pointless. When you know you're right you just know it. You don't need to waste time effort and energy attempting to persuade someone who hasn't seen the things you have seen ... read the books you have ... been the places you have ... met the people you have ... that they are wrong and you are right. You're right and that's that.
  3. You stand tall. You have exemplary posture. You never slouch.
  4. When you speak people listen. You speak with such confidence, that when you talk people listen. You never mumble. You look people in the eye. And when talking to people you don't look at their possible dandruff, or that mole on their chin or whatever you look them in their eyes.
  5. The only brand you advertise is your own. You wear simple but stylish clothing free from corporate logo's or slogans. You don't advertise brands like Nike on the shirt you are wearing or Levi on your jeans.
  6. Don't walk - don't run - just glide like a 747. While others on the street may choose to walk at a zombie pace and others may choose to walk so fast it's hard to decipher whether they are walking or running you just glide. Your posture is exceptional and you are cool calm and collected thus you glide when seen in public walking from place to place.
  7. Bend rules don't break them. If you're cool, you're a winner. You are not some deluded potato head who values your life above others. You realize rules and laws exist for good reason or because someone in authority thinks they are a good idea. Nonetheless you realize breaking laws or rules is never an option. But bending is.
  8. You never lose your cool. When presented with a problem, no matter how small large or catastrophic you focus only on the solution. Whining about how you got into your current predicament does not even enter your cool head. You are 100% solution focused.
  9. You say more with less. When talking, overall, you use less words in your sentences. You get to the point. You leave rambling for drunk old men who spend their life's in pubs drinking ale. When you are talking on-line in emails and websites, you get to the point. Your emails are always 8 lines or less. You just practice the mantra of always saying the absolute minimum in order to get maximum impact.
  10. You have passion about what you do. Whether you are a designer a musician an entrepreneur, a mother a call centre operator ... you realize being passionate about what it is you do is imperative. And you are passionate about what you do. You realize being able to exert your talents is something to be grateful for and you are. Conversely you realize that being passionate about something does NOT give you a license to be emotional EVER.
  11. You have your own language. If the current common trend is to say "Yo" when greeting people and "Later" when bidding farewell - you use neither. Instead you have your own versions.
  12. You talk highly of other people. When you are introducing people you know to other people. Stand tall and introduce them. Don't just say "This is my friend Jennifer". Say something like "Fred, I want to introduce you to Jennifer. I really like Jennifer for a number of reasons. She is cool. She is attractive. And Jennifer is very intelligent. She grew up in Australia. She is here in London for 1 more year to finish her masters degree from the London School of Economics. Anyway, I am sure you will work out the rest yourself. Fred, this is my good friend Jennifer."
  13. You know that every problem has a solution. Some problems may have solutions that can be implemented within seconds. Some may take minutes. Some hours. Some days. And others much longer. But every problem has a solution. You realize this. And thus you are solution focused and never ever whine when presented with a problem or problems ...
  14. You don't procrastinate. You realize that this it. This is your life. This is it. This is all you have. And you will use every moment you have as a celebration. When you have work to do you get to work. You don't attend bullshit meetings. You put yourself under pressure and use that pressure to ignite your hyper productive skills within you, to get the absolute maximum output.
  15. You never talk down to anyone ever. Everyone is equal. Everyone is a citizen of your world.
  16. You enjoy wearing black. But you're not a goth and never will be.
  17. You don't avoid fear - you head towards it at pace. You caress it. You face it. You make love to it. And you ruthlessly knock it over like a bulldozer knocking through brick walls.
  18. You are friends with all types of people. You have friends who have varying occupations. They have different religions. They are different ethnicities. And they believe in things different to you. You have friends who are authors, film makers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, communists, venture capitalists, politicians and so on.
  19. You are not a member of the masons or any other similar organization. You don't need to know any secret handshake to get ahead.
  20. You are always learning. You realize that people not learning are busy dying. You never stand still because you realize when you're cool you have to always keep learning. You are always looking for better solutions to bigger problems.

There are 20 bullets in the list above. I could write more. But 20 is enough.


Always remember when you are cool you can think for yourself:

You don't need a teacher.

You have already realized that the best teacher in the world is, you.

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  • Andrew

    I really like this article except #16. I like wearing black and I’m Goth! But, anyway, I had a fun time reading this one and, for sure, I’m going to do everything what was being said here! Good job!

    Andrew C.

    • alanwho

      To be a something often involves denying your own individuality.

      Denying your own individuality and submitting to the norms of a group rather than choosing your own style isn’t cool.

      You were brought into this world as an individual. Not a something, not a goth or anything else.

      Wearing black because that’s an expression of you is cool. Wearing it because that’s what your group dictates isn’t.

  • Brian Adams

    THINK POSITIVE! That’s all there is to it and don’t overdo it! Brian Adams

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    Don’t overdo it. That’s the first thing you need to be aware of.

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  • Alyssa

    If you really want to be cool, you should talk, act and think positively all of the time!

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  • Andrew

    Have a positive attitude! That’s all there is to it!

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