Mar 08, 2009

Cool Alternatives To Google Analytics

The most popular website statistics application used by website owners is Google Analytics.

But as all cool people know just because something is popular does not mean it's the best. And the same applies with website metrics.

Included in this post are 3 cool alternatives to Google Analytics. The first (Woopra), runs on your computer, the second (Mint) runs on your web server and the third is a service that runs in your web browser (pMetrics). Let's get started with the best, Woopra:



In order to get Woopra you need to go to their site, create an account and submit your website for approval. If Woopra look at your site and think it sucks and suspect you suck you wont hear from them and you wont be able to use Woopra. See right now Woopra is invitation only. But if you have a good level of traffic it's likely you will get an invite. And when you do everything in your life will be brighter definitely maybe

You see running Woopra is like being in a James Bond movie as one of the baddies. You have got all sorts of colourful buttons to click on at your fingertips. The bottom line here is that Woopra is cool very cool.

I enjoy using it mainly because I can watch people in real time looking at content on my site. I can see where they came from and what they are clicking on and information about them including country, web browser, and operation system and more etc. ...


Unlike Google Analytics that runs in your web browser and unlike Woopra that runs on your computer Mint runs on your web server. The cool things about Mint include firstly the design. When you log into Mint you see one single screen where you can see all of the information you need related to your traffic numbers and where it's coming from. Secondly Mint is cool because of the extra functionality you can add onto it quickly easily and for free. You can download things called "Peppers" which add extra spice to your mint installation. Check out to see what's available. Mint like a lot of great and cool things in life is not free, but it's not expensive and is worth the money.


pMetrics is by the guys at It was the first service I can remember that allowed you to see what people are looking at on your website in real time. This means you can see what people are clicking on and where they came from. And the really cool thing with pMetrics is the way it works with WordPress. When someone leaves a comment, i.e. they enter their name such as "Tom Smith" ... when they return you will be able to see that "Tom Smith" is looking at your content because pMetrics can remember visitors by name - this is very cool. When you signup they give you a 30 day trial of the pro version, when it expires it's only a few dead presidents to keep the service on and for that investment you get to watch people in real time, which is cool.

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