Apr 29, 2013

How To Listen To Articles On iPhone iPad iPad mini and iPod Touch At 2X Speed And Higher

Reading on an iOS device is an enjoyable experience.

And with "VoiceOver" - an accessibility feature you can have your iOS devise whether iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch read out loud words in an article.

As is explained by this lady in this video:

You can even adjust the speaking rate for those who like to listen at 2X speed or greater.

But the big drawback with voiceover is you can't lock the screen.

That sucks more than rotten apples.

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Dec 19, 2010

iPod watch is here?

You've probably heard people talking about an iPod watch from Apple "coming soon" forever...

...Well it's here (nearly).

A project called 'TikTok' to build such a device has raised a record breaking amount of $941,558 through the crowd funding website kickstarter.

Here is a video from the project founder with the 411:

Who else wants one?

Dec 18, 2010

Fascinating Adverts From The 1970’s

Advertising experienced a golden again between the 1950's and 1970's.

Recently I researched ads from the 1970's specifically and in this post I am sharing some of my favourites...

...I am doing this because they instantly helped me generate some cool new ideas.

...Plus I am quietly confident when you compare these golden-age ad's with today's somewhat lame ad's you too will experience influx of new ideas based on 1970's golden age thinking.

I have included the headline of each ad in a heading tag above each image:

Handy Ideas From Big Red

I just haven't seen an ad like this recently.

I am sure there probably is one.

Yet this style just isn't commonplace. Why?

The idea here is hot. The advertiser is branding the product as the optimum solution for the prospect by being informational.

In our information overloaded world where the demand for information is much bigger than in the 1970's this perhaps above all on this list if the one style of ad you could adapt for the 21st century the easiest...

Say you're a web designer called Fred.

Freddy, you could have an ad like this with 6 ideas what to do after you design your prospect's website. And Fred because you are a hot designer every site you make gives your prospect a blog an optin form on every page, a contact page, and a laser-focused-landing-page for use with PPC advertising.

Fred here is an example of how you're 1970's inspired ad may be structured:

  1. Get interviewed by the offline media and then send people to your site.
  2. Record a series of simple YouTube videos and brand them with your website.
  3. Phone up your best 10 customers and tell them to register for a free newsletter on your site.
  4. Become friends with a top Digg user and tell them to Digg your post on "10,000 ways to hangup the phone" blog post :).
  5. Link to your site on your Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Buy traffic from Google and send to your landing page so you generate leads while you sleep eat and go to the toilet.

The distinction with this approach is instead of beating your prospect over the head with what your features you can vividly illustrate how they can use your features and thus benefit from them.

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Dec 14, 2010

Increase Performance Of Existing Computer Cheaply?

If you're not overwhelmed with joy at the speed of your computer, perhaps you are considering buy a new one?

Maybe it takes an ice age to boot up and shut down...

Maybe it takes it's time to open any and all applications...

Maybe it's just as fast as a sumo wrestler running a mile.

So why don't you just buy a new one?

Easy tiger. A new computer (in most cases) doesn't come most likely requires you to splash a lot of dosh replacing something already working (just not ideal) with the latest and greatest model.

So what's the alternative?

Here's one:

Solid State Drive Cheap Alternative

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